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Thank you letter from the parents

28 June 2012

On the occasion of its 16th birthday, “Karin Dom” received a wonderful letter of gratitude from the parents of children attending the Center.

A letter of gratitude

There is no person who either with or without any reason wishes themselves good luck. Having said that, good luck in our country is more important than anything. It goes around sometimes but comes back eventually. If fate takes away something from you, you hope and believe that it will give you something else in return. Something that will bring back your smile and relish of life. Most parents coming desperate in “Karin Dom”, obtain a hope that it is not to sell and not to buy. Most parents believe it is good luck that their children got amongst the specialists of “Karin Dom”. Hence, we feel obliged to thank to Ivan Stanchoff for his letting us to that “home of Karin” and sharing it with us, as well as Mariana Nikolova and Zhenislava Sapundzhieva for managing that special “home”. Many thanks to the team of people full of ambition, inspiration, goodness.

To the specialists:

Thank you for slowing down the speed our children’s life is moving with.
Thank you for looking in on their hearts and sensing their pulse.
Thank you for teaching them how to fly although some have difficulties walking.
Thank you for colouring their dreams although some can’t speak.
Thank you for seeing through their eyes even if they can’t see and show everyone how bright our plain world is for them.

This year you are 16-year-old – the age at which a teenager enters in the world of adults and starts breaking with the childish.

We wish you that the furious life and problems do not harm the kid in you! We wish you that no matter how much you grow, you continue living in the fairy-tale world and meet fairy-tale people, people open to both you and our children. Happy birthday!

The parents 

Many thanks to all parents for the beautiful words and to Denica Georgieva who read the letter to the guests at our birthday party!

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