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Best practices for early intervention for children with mental disabilities

Project goals:

  • To acquire knowledge on the following techniques for early intervention: method for alternative communication, TEACH and sensory stimulation.
  • To train trainers and to cascade the training to the parents NGO community in the region.


  1. Three 5 days sessions led by international consultants on TEACH, alternative communication method and sensory stimulation method. The target groups – all members of Karin Dom team.
  2. Train the trainers. Selection of trainers /mixed group of therapists from Karin Dom and parents/ preparation for cascading of the trainings to the NGO parents organization in the region and delivering the training.
  3. Delivering of the training for the selected techniques to the parents from Karin Dom and Varna, Dobrich and Shumen NGO parents organizations.


Implementation period

March 2009 - September 2008

Financed by

Open Society Institute