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“The beginning of life”- presentation film of UNICEF

13 February 2017

Dear parents,

You are welcome to the presentation of a movie by UNICEF – “The Beginning of Life”, on February 16th (Thursday) at 10:00 at the conference room of Karin Dom.

“The Beginning of Life” is a new documentary that explores the way the environment in early childhood is influencing the cognitive, social and emotional development of the child. The 90 minutes long production was created as a reply to the progress in the field of neurology that shows the important role of the child’s first years and their impact on the achievement of future success.

The movie, shot in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, France, Italy, Kenia and the US, is documenting the first years of the life of the children and their families and includes interviews with leading specialist in the field of early child development. The families who took part in the movie come from various cultural, ethnic and social backgrounds. Among them is the fashion model Gisele Bundchen, the Nobel Prize laureate in economics James Heckman, as well as a girl named Foulla who is raising alone her siblings in India.

Maternity leave, the role of the father, co-parenting, poverty, children’s rights, violence and neglect are among the topics of the movie, providing a unique base for better understanding of early childhood development.

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