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Baba Marta – campaign 2014

23 January 2014

Baba Marta is approaching – this year you can make handmade martenitsi in support of the children at Karin Dom! 

Baba Marta (translated as “Granny March”) is the name of a mythical character who brings with her the end of the winter and the beginning of the spring. Granny March’s holiday is celebrated in Bulgaria on March 1. On that day friends and family members exchange red and white coloured bands or figurines usually made of yarn. We call those martenitsi – they symbolise health and happiness and are worn around the wrist or on clothes.

Take white and red tread and make some beautiful martenitsi for the ,,Hope” shop! 

The ,,Hope” shop is a charity initiative of Karin Dom’s team – the funds, gathered from selling the martenitsi will be used for the therapy of the children visiting Karin Dom. 

Until the 21st of February you can donate your handmade martenitsi in the following ways:

  • Bring them at the reception at Karin Dom
  • Send us the martenitsi by post 

Karin Dom is located in the Sea Garden of Varna, near Pikadili Park.
You can find our exact post address in our contacts 

You have more questions? Call us at +359 52 30 25 18

Thank you!

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