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Re-norming of ASQ-3 and ASQ-SE for Bulgaria

The project is financed by Open Society Foundations, Early Childhood Program, London

The project’s implementation is 12 months, starting in April, 2015.

Project goal

The main purpose of the project is to implement a research study for adaptation of Ages & Stages Questionnaires, Third Edition (ASQ-3™): A Parent-Completed Child Monitoring System and Ages & Stages Questionnaires: Social-Emotional (ASQ:SE): A Parent-Completed, Child-Monitoring System for Social-Emotional Behaviors. Implementing these questionnaires could result in re-norming ASQ for Bulgaria. The research study is according to the signed agreement with Paul H. Brookes Publishing Co., Inc. and the University of Oregon Early Intervention Programme (UO EIP).

Project activities

1. Preparation of the ASQ research study:

  • Elaboration of representative sample for the research study in Bulgaria
  • Selection of professionals (medicals, psychologists, kindergarten teachers a.o.) who will take part in the research study;
  • Printing of 100 – 125 photocopies of each ASQ-3 (21 questionnaires) and each ASQ-SE (9 questionnaires); printing of 250- 275, copies of each of the ASQ-3 and ASQ:SE Bulgarian Activities; printing of 25 copies of the ASQ-3 Bulgarian Quick Start Guide; printing of 25 copies of the ASQ:SE Bulgarian User’s Guide.

2. Training of selected professionals about applying ASQ-3 and ASQ-SE – trainings will be provided by a member of Karin Dom’s training team.

3. Application of ASQ-3 and ASQ-SE with approximately 1,000 children nationwide. The trained professionals will apply and collect ASQ in their practice – e.g. pediatrician’s practice, nurseries, kindergartens, other services. Karin Dom will provide consultations to the professionals in the process of application of ASQ.

Every specialist, representative of a nursery or kindergarten, a pediatrician, a pediatric clinic or department working with children aged 1 month to 5 years and a half could declare their wish to participate in the research by contacting Magdalena Tsoneva via e-mail or phone +359 878 750 269.

Questionnaires are given to parents of children between 1 month and 5 and a half years old and they fill them in by on their own. Answers given by the parents will help them to find out their child’s strengths as well as how he develops according to the age. This information will serve to adapt the questionnaires at ages and stages in Bulgaria.


The main outcome is adaptation of the screening tools ASQ-3 and ASQ-SE for Bulgaria. After re-norming these tools for Bulgaria, they could be used for detecting those infants who need early intervention services. The tools could be used by variety of professionals and services, e.g. pediatrician’s practices, nurseries, kindergartens, early intervention and other social services.

In the process of adaptation Karin Dom will achieve better collaboration with professionals from medical, social and educational sphere. The dissemination activities will result in raised awareness about the need for application of screening tools and early detection of developmental delays among professionals and parents.

Implementation period

April 2015 - March 2016

Financed by

Open Society Foundations

Contact person

Veselina Vassileva
телефон: 359 (0) 52 302 517