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Art therapy for children with Down Syndrome at Karin Dom

5 March 2020

At the end of 2019 Karin Dom launched an art therapy group for children with Down Syndrome, funded by the Life with Down Syndrome Foundation. The group consists of 4 children who will attend art classes with Karin Dom specialists by the end of 2020.

Art therapy is a way of expressing the emotional or physical states of children through art, which has a positive impact on personal growth and development. It enhances sensory motor skills, including eye-hand coordination and provides sensory stimulation. The activities have therapeutic effect and help children to feel their own identity, to show preferences, to make choices, to have a sense of their own achievements outside the box. When children are given the opportunity to express themselves, they achieve a true sense of their own identity. All this helps them to build themselves as a conscious person.

In addition to all this, our little cuties have great fun with our sunny colleagues – Vesi Tincheva and Iliana Dimitrova, who include them in art challenges with different techniques and materials!

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