» Volunteering project “Different Friends” with the students from “Dimcho Debelyanov” school, Varna

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Volunteering project “Different Friends” with the students from “Dimcho Debelyanov” school, Varna

16 December 2016

One of the 12 approved projects in Karin Dom’s competition “Ambassadors of Goodness”, is “Different Friends”, presented by “Traditions and Customs” club, “Eco Deco” club and the school council of “Dimcho Debelyanov” school.

The idea that the students realized in 2016-2017 is to introduce the children at Karin Dom to the Bulgarian traditions and customs related to Christmas and New Year, Baba Marta, the beginning of spring and Easter. This way the youths want to get to know the children better, to be with them during those festive days and to have fun and prepare for the Bulgarian holidays together.

The first initiative of the students form “Dimcho Debelyanov” was introducing to the children the authentic Bulgarian custom of Christmas Eve (also known as “Little Christmas” or “Fire Supper”). Our guests had prepared traditional clothes and homemade meatless dishes. They also burned some sage to chase away evil spirits and to bring health and luck. The students played the roles of Santa Claus and Snow White, and gave the children handmade presents. The fun continued with making “survaknitsa” and Christmas cards which brought to the children joy and many smiles.

The final stage of “Different Friends” project will be organizing a photo exhibition at the Sea Garden of Varna with photos through which the students will tell about their experience with the children at Karin Dom and their time together. The idea of the exhibition is to attract attention to the need of more tolerance and understanding for children with special needs.

Karin Dom’s project “Ambassadors of Goodness” that is being realized with the support of America for Bulgaria Foundation and has the goal of stimulating volunteering and philanthropy among students and youths, their activity and engagement with social causes. Realizing the project gives its participants the opportunity to fulfill their ideas, to find more friends, to gather valuable experience that will help them in the future.


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