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Project “Ambassadors of goodness”

Project duration: 18 months starting in May 2016.

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Project goal:

Over the past few years the subject of philanthropy and volunteering becomes more popular and applicable to most of the developed countries’ culture worldwide and obviously, it grows into a socially significant global element that has more and more important place in society. Unfortunately, in Bulgaria the tendency towards growth of philanthropy and volunteering culture is not well developed yet. It is fact that many steps are undertaken toward developing such politics but still it needs a more significant positioning in society.

Project’s main goal is to develop philanthropy and volunteering for increasing of tolerance and social responsibility in society by implementing various activities.


  • By organizing events to stimulate volunteering among students, their participation and engagement to social cause; to increase the interaction between citizen organizations and society. In 2016 Karin Dom will celebrate its 20th anniversary with “Ambassadors of Goodness” festival. The idea is the festival to provoke creativity among students so they can initiate activities that would attract public attention to the need of more tolerance. The youths will receive training and will be encouraged to realize their own volunteering and donor ideas within the Festival.
  • By establishing a “museum exhibition” to promote behavioral models, individuals and organizations that have already contributed to any change within society improving children and their families’ quality of life. The history of Karin Dom and the Stancioff family is an example of philanthropy, volunteering and nobility. The museum exhibition dedicated to them and the charity in Varna will preserve history, educate and will amuse through suitable interactive activities. Establishing a museum exhibition in Karin Dom’s main building and garden will attract children and adults and will definitely raise culture of philanthropy.
  • Improving the breastfeeding spot and creating relaxation and meditation spot in Karin dom’s garden.


  • Within the project people will be able to interact, communicate, work, learn and live with each other nevertheless their social status, level of intelligence, age or health condition
  • Students will be more motivated to continue their participation or to develop similar volunteering ideas in the future
  • Children at pre-school age will develop their tolerance skills by being included in joint initiatives
  • The importance of philanthropy, volunteering and donating will be promoted among children, youth and adults as a basic social-educational element and indicator for a stable socially responsible society
  • The project will promote smooth process of long-term interaction and sustainable relationships among individuals, institutions, media and business for the purpose of more cohesive society.

Implementation period

may 2016 - december 2017

Financed by

America for Bulgaria Foundation

Contact person

Darina Raykova
телефон: +359 52 302 517