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Over 40 non-governmental organizations, educational institutions and individuals have established the Alliance for Early Childhood Development

22 October 2018

On October 16, 2018 in Sofia more than 40 non-governmental organizations, along with National network for children, educational institutions and individuals founded the Alliance for Early Childhood Development – an informal association which aims to mobilize the efforts of its members and partners to provide a comprehensive environment to develop the potential of each child at an early age. The UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the World Health Organization are partners of the Alliance. Karin Dom is a full member of the Alliance and through this unification will continue to work for the early support and good start of every child’s life in Bulgaria.

Early years of life, the transition from birth to school, are of great importance for mental and physical health, behaviour, lifelong learning, and overall well-being for the person.

The growing global understanding of the importance of this period for the personality building and its social and economic realization has gradually put investment in the early years into the focus of public policies in many countries. In recent years, these issues have also been reflected in the public debates in Bulgaria, connected with the care of young children and their families.

In order to achieve its mission for the best start in every child’s life in Bulgaria, the Alliance will work to promote early childhood development as a political and public priority.

It will also focus on strengthening the national systems of health, social protection and education to promote early childhood development. It will carry out activities to disseminate experience and knowledge among professionals and parents, advocacy for policies that provide full opportunities for development, and the creation of a supportive social environment and attitudes towards the rights and well-being of the smallest members of our society.


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