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We Launched the Project “Active Youth for a Sustainable Future” with the First Motivational Meeting

2 August 2021

New, fresh, charged!

On July 30 we launched the project “Active Youth for a Sustainable Future” with the first motivational meeting, during which Jeni Sapundjieva – Director of Services for Children and Families and trainer at Karin Dom, presented the history of the center and shared exciting moments and personal memories of the very beginning of Karin’s home. We introduced the participants to the activities of Karin Dom, future projects and plans, as well as opportunities for volunteering and support.

Dari Raykova, Project Manager at Karin Dom, presented the main idea behind “Active Youth for a Sustainable Future” and opportunities for ideas, initiatives and campaigns within the non-governmental sector, after which participants received more information about activities and schedule.

We ended the meeting with pleasant conversations, getting to know each other, sharing experiences, ideas and positive emotions.

We have more meetings with exciting topics, interesting discussions and motivating speakers.

Thank you all for charging us with your energy!

The project is supported by the Youth Projects 2021 program of the Municipality of Varna and aims to see opportunities for young people in the non-governmental sector for personal and professional growth, for changing attitudes, to improve the environment, to advocate and an active civic role and position.

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