» Children with Down Syndrom adore giving and receiving love

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Children with Down Syndrom adore giving and receiving love

23 March 2016

Elena is part of Karin Dom team since 2012. Her professional interests are related to early intervention in the first years of the life of children with impaired communication and the application of family-oriented approaches in the therapeutic work with children and families. If necessary, she provides psycho-emotional support to the parents of newborns in the maternity hospital. Elena is a graduate psychotherapist for the Society for Positive Psychotherapy in Bulgaria since 2009.

Ellie, how parents can explain to their children why children with Down syndrome are different, how to learn to accept the difference as part of life rather than as a factor in rejecting a child or a person different from them?

– Parents are free to choose the ways they can explain their differences, according to their beliefs and worldview. Is everything on our planet Earth equally and universally? People with Down syndrome are people like us all. That’s for sure!

How can we describe children with Down syndrome? What are their traits?

-“We do not call these children” sunny “in vain. They are smiling and loving, strongly attached to their loved ones and have a strong need to give and receive love. It is extremely important for children to be raised in their home environment and to be supported by their relatives. Only then they can develop their talents and skills.

What Do Children with Down syndrome like?

– They are children like everyone else and have interests as well as their peers. But they especially love to engage in activities with applied character /art/painting, modelling, singing, and music. They are delighted to be involved in joint games with their peers.

What learning difficulties do they have?

– Children with Down syndrome remember and work with visual served information. They need a time of 2-3 seconds longer to process the auditory information. They achieve learning outcomes when applying an individual approach based on their strengths. They can lead an independent life and master professional skills related to their interests.

Photo: downsyndrome.ie

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