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We Thank the ABB Company for Its Help with the Equipment for the New Therapeutic Complex of Karin Dom!

17 December 2021

We are quick to share and quick to tell because good news and good messages must be shared! And the good news is that the project for a new therapeutic complex for children with special needs of Karin Dom managed to attract more and more companies that embraced the idea and supported us with the equipment they produce. At a time when Karin Dom is faced with the challenge of completing an exceptional project with a contribution to the entire country, the ABB company supported us.

And because a good example is contagious and good messages very valuable, we asked the company to share why it decided to support Karin Dom and the new therapeutic complex? What is the company’s policy for involvement in charitable initiatives and what causes are a priority?

“ABB regularly supports various social causes and engages in voluntary and charitable initiatives that coincide with the mission and values ​​of the company. An example of this is initiatives aimed at promoting social progress, helping children in a disadvantaged situation and/or deprived of parental care, as well as pupils and students on their way to academic and professional development. ABB actively supports a healthy lifestyle in society and among its employees through various sports events and participation in competitions, tournaments, etc. Apart from this, ABB also supports activities related to sustainability and environmental protection, participating in projects for planting trees, collecting plastic caps, recycling textiles, cleaning individual regions, etc. A discussion is held for each initiative and the decision is made on a case-by-case basis based on annual priorities and budget.

In supporting this project, we adhere to the main motives of our donation and volunteering policy. By donating equipment for a children’s center, we support the institution that helps their successful development and development as individuals.” – Radoslava Radeva, Sales Manager.

About the company:

ABB has about 2,500 employees in Bulgaria and operates with a central office in Sofia and four branches of the company in the country. Two of the production bases are located in Rakovski and produce low and medium voltage electrical components. Two other factories are located in Petrich – for low voltage products, and in Plovdiv there is a production for measuring equipment. ABB also has a service center for turbochargers in Varna.

ABB offers a wide range of low and medium voltage products, charging stations, UPS, controllers, frequency drives, electric motors, robots, automation and process control products. ABB’s growing number of products with digital communication capability is a prerequisite for building intelligent and connected electrical networks. The ABB AbilityTM digital platform brings together ABB’s full portfolio of digital solutions in one place, strengthening ABB’s position as a leader in digital transformation.

And you can help us take a big step forward in the therapy of children with special needs in Bulgaria!


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