» 10 little graduates from Karin Dom – Good luck dear children!

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10 little graduates from Karin Dom – Good luck dear children!

31 July 2015

Today, July 31st 2015, Karin Dom celebrated the graduation of 10 children with special educational needs, who will start school this fall. Eight of them will be in mainstream schools and two – in a special school. The children prepared by themselves sandwiches for the celebration and made their parents smile by dancing and singing. They happily threw their hats in the air, marking the successful graduation for which they received diplomas and prizes.

For the past few years, children, therapists and parents worked with great persistence and effort, and now we proudly made this important step – going to school. Together, those past few weeks, we got to know our home town and its landmarks and during the school year the children did well with the subjects.

“Playing” in Montessori environment helped the children to learn about letters and numbers, to count and some of them to even read! They acquired bigger independence in their everyday skills which will help them both at home and at school.

Karin Dom wants to thank the children’s parents for the years of efforts they put into understanding and supporting their children! We are glad that we can send off confident parents who have the strength to deal with the challenges and made by themselves the choice of school for their child.

We hope that you will visit us again and share your good experience with other parents.

Good luck dear children! We will be with you on the first day of school and will continue to work so you will get tolerance and acknowledgment of your gifts.

And what we couldn’t speak out loud? Tzveti’s story about the graduation is touching and fun. You can read about all the feelings and emotions that were left unsaid here.

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