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We marked the Day of Premature Children with an Information Campaign

20 November 2018

he World Day of Premature Childhood – November 17, is an attempt by the world to raise awareness of premature births, and especially their consequences globally. It aims to attract public attention to the problems of premature babies and to raise awareness on issues related to premature labour and early intervention.

For a consecutive/ another year, Karin Dom together with “Our Premature Children” Foundation marked the World Day of the Premature Child on 16 November at the Children’s Playground “Varnenche”.

From Early Intervention Center of Karin dom participation took our consultants: Svetlana Angelova (speech therapist), Petya Georgieva (physiotherapist), Elena Todorova (psychologist), who presented the good practices and the need to trace the premature child.

The meeting opened the CEO of Karin Dom – Maya Doneva. The guests of the event had the opportunity to take advantage of the comfortable and very entertaining children’s playground thanks to our hosts and the Foundation “Our Premature Children” provided the treats for the event.

At the event, our special guests were:

•    Representatives of the Municipality of Varna – Dr. Lydia Marinova / Chairperson of the Social Commission of the Municipality of Varna / and Violeta Haralambova / Head of the Department of Health and Social Security/;

•    The chief obstetrician of SBAGAL Prof. Dr. D. Stamatov, Svetlana Radeva, discussed the frequency of birth of children with a low weight according to the statistics; participation took also Dr. Tsvetkova, Head of the Department of Neonatology at SBAGAL “Prof. Dr. D. Stamatov”

•    Prof. Dr. Ruja Pancheva – paediatrician working in the field of child gastroenterology and nutrition – “Specifics in the feeding of premature babies”;

•    Representatives of the HMSCC – Vinitsa – Dr. Shillianova – Head of Premature Babies Department, Dr. Nikolova – Head of the Center for Early Intervention and Rehabilitation, Psychologist – Kristian Ivanov shared the experience of home in the production and rehabilitation of premature babies;

•    The community centre for children and families was presented by the manager Daniela Biacheva and the social worker Boryana Yaneva.

•    Simonetta Popova – a breastfeeding consultant, practising at “St. Anna” shared about the changes in the hospital’s special ward and practical tips for breastfeeding babies born prematurely;

•    Own experience was also shared by parents of premature children, including Vyara Bazliankova – a representative of the Foundation “Our Premature Children”

•    Yana Todorova – told about the benefits of ergonomic carrying in the premature baby.

Since 2010, Karin Dom has been working on the “Early Intervention” program, and so far our team has supported more than 200 premature babies and their families. Monthly, the Early Intervention Team of Karin Dom is working with an average of 65 families, 40 of which Varna Municipality finances by municipal delegated activity. For activities under the program, Karin Dom actively seeks the financial support of donors and project activities. From 2018 OMV Bulgaria started to support the “Early Intervention” program.

All parents who could not attend the meeting, can find more information on the “Our Premature Child” Foundation site and on the Early Intervention Service on the Karin Dom website.

We thank everyone for the great interest and active participation! We would like to thank the children’s playground “Varnenche” which was our host again!



Photos: Karin dom

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