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“My Message in My Language! – the Right of Young People to be Heard and the Power of the Good Message”

“My Message in My Language! – the Right of Young People to be Heard and the Power of the Good Message” – the project started in June and is aimed at young people aged 15-29 from the city of Varna. 

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Objectives and Expected Results:

  • Promoting volunteering as a supreme value and right;
  • Social engagement of young people;
  • Building media literacy skills among young people – searching for and presenting positive and good news;
  • Stimulation of effective communication between young people and between young people and the community – “My Message – in My Language”;
  • Promoting continuity in volunteer teams;
  • Expanding the volunteer community;
  • Promoting adequate self-esteem among young volunteers;
  • Stimulating the activity of young people;
  • Increasing the sensitivity of young people to the needs of society;
  • Highlighting the essential role of the volunteer;
  • Exploring youth entrepreneurship opportunities, focusing on the context of “social entrepreneurship” – an outstanding tool for a sustainable social economy and responsible society;
  • Wider scope of the target group – conducting activities outdoors/public places;
  • Increasing sensitivity to environmental problems and how they could have an impact through various activities – so far in all youth projects and initiatives, Karin Dom advocates the topic of ecology. As a certified eco-school and holder of a green flag, Karin Dom recognizes the theme of environmental protection as its own and finds a place both in community-oriented activities and in direct therapeutic work with the children with special needs it works with;
  • Providing valuable resources to support their personal growth and improvement Making sense of youth’s free time;
    Acquisition of valuable knowledge and skills for the functioning of a non-governmental organization and why the role of the NGO sector in our country is important;
  • Dissemination among youth of the philosophy of social entrepreneurship and nature-friendly thinking and their combination in useful, long-term and sustainable activities with a positive effect on the environment and society;
  • Strengthening the entrepreneurial spirit;
  • Encouraging creative and innovative thinking and activity;
  • Acquisition of decision-making skills, teamwork, adaptability, social skills, skills to develop continuously;
  • Reducing the % of youth unemployment through CV skills, volunteer CV and first job preparation.

Main activities:

  • Mission Volunteer – a workshop for volunteers
  • Workshop for media culture – practical trainings on topics such as: “Time for Good News”, “How to Organize an Information Campaign”, etc.
  • Time for Good Deeds – youth fashion line with a cause – creativity and products with a cause. From idea to product or “How We Create a Brand and Products with a Cause”
  • Social entrepreneurship and meetings with representatives of socially responsible business.

The project is financed by the Youth Projects 2023 Program of the Education and Youth Activities Directorate of the Municipality of Varna.

Implementation period

June- October 2023

Financed by

"Youth Projects 2023" Program funded by Varna Municipality "Education and Youth Activities" direction

Contact person

Darina Raykova
телефон: +359 52 302 518