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Karin Dom in Support of Byala Municipality

28 September 2023

As part of the “Karin Dom on Wheels” project, financed by the “Karl Kahane” Foundation, Karin Dom started activities in the town of Byala. On September 14, 2023, a successful meeting was held between representatives of Karin Dom and Byala Municipality, at which visits to the territory of the municipality were discussed and planned, and by the end of September, two visits were made by psychologists, speech therapists and rehabilitators, who consulted children and their families. There are upcoming activities at the request and need of families and specialists from the social and educational sectors in the city and other settlements.

We would like to thank Byala Municipality in the persons of Deputy Mayor Milena Katreva-Panayotova, social worker and psychologist Maria Georgieva and social worker Pavlina Nikolova-Georgieva for the warm welcome and their willingness to assist in the organization and conduct of the activities and informing the local population about the provided opportunity!

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