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Santa Brought Gifts to Children from Ukraine in Karin Dom

19 December 2022

With an exciting distribution of gifts for young and old on December 16, 2022, Karin Dom concluded its activities under the project “Support for children and families from Ukraine, including children with special needs, to overcome the trauma of war” under the program “NEW BEGINNING for the Ukrainian women and children in Bulgaria!” of the BCause Foundation.

Within the framework of the Karin Dom project, over 300 children and their parents were supported through numerous activities organized with the aim of mentally and emotionally supporting families fleeing the war in Ukraine. Activities included:

  • Weekly intensive therapy packages at Karin Dom for children with special needs;
  • Activities in the Toy Library, held in several hotels during the warm months and on site in the new building of Karin Dom from September to December;
  • Integration activities that included art and music activities, sports and culinary workshops;
  • Training for parents with a clinical psychologist in relation to recognition of traumatic stress and coping methods;
  • Training and guidance from the Karin Dom team to parents to deal with the daily needs of the child and the challenges in everyday life, in the context of the change and challenges it may bring;
  • Individual psychological consultations for parents.

We send off a year full of challenges and difficulties and with hope and faith we wish for a better 2023!

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